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Descripción de Envizen Digital ED8850B Duo Box Pro 7" Portable LCD TV/DVD P... – Comprar Desde USA

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  • All-in-one ATSC digital TV/DVD player wtih SD/MMC card-reader, USB 2.0, and AV in/out
  • 7-inch LCD TFT swivel widescreen display
  • Built-in speaker & headphone output
  • 2.5 hours continuous play
  • Includes antenna, car headrest mounting carrying case, car adapter, and remote control

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The Envizen Digital Duo Box Pro is the new and improved version of the successful Duo Box. It is still the only entertainment system that allows you to watch TV, play DVDs, enjoy slideshow digital photos, and listen to music all on one device. However, the Duo Box Pro has a unique built-in internal battery that makes the device even more compact and portable than before. You can take this lightweight device with you traveling, on the airplane, to your office, or anywhere you want some entertainment. With the built-in ATSC digital tuner, the Duo lets you watch all available digital channels. Its portability and versatility, along with the vivid 7-Inch screen, makes the Duo the only portable multimedia device you'll need to own. The Duo is a portable digital TV that also supports all your favorite forms of entertainment. You can watch movies and your favorite sitcoms, hook up your favorite video game consoles, or even listen to music and share photos with friends, all on one device.

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